The Abacos

abacos dr minnis

Dr Hubert Minnis

From Nassau we took a flight to Treasure Cay which we were astonished to share with Dr Minnis, the Bahamas Prime Minister, who queued up to board the plane along with everyone else, while the speakers blared Married Man by Ronnie Butler, much to our merriment.

Dr Minnis got off at Marsh Town with minimal fuss.

No European PM would travel on a commercial flight, with the locals and a handful of tourists.

From Treasure Cay we took the “ferry”, a medium size speedboat that dropped us off on Green Turtle Cay, a sandbank in the Abacos that has seen a lot of development since our last visit there, some 15 years ago.

At the time we were guests of the legendary Paul Thompson, then manager of Lyford Cay and owner of Villa Pasha. He has since moved to Elbow Cay. No one has done more for promoting the Abacos than Paul and one hears stories about him on every cay.

Green Turtle is favoured by a number of small marinas that accommodate both sailing and motor yachts.

At Bluff Harbour, we met an Aussie sailor who turned out to be former tennis pro John Gardner, now blissfully retired and cruising the seas on a 42 ft Beneteau named Walkabout.

He and his daughter Dana invited us for a coffee on Walkabout and regaled us with stories of their cay-hopping adventures.

We stayed at a villa on the north side of the island, Coconut Beach House, which is perfect for people who enjoy some solitude and long beach walks. The neighbouring houses are a discreet distance away and the town of New Plymouth, some 20 min. drive by golf cart.

Golf carts are the main form of transportation on Green Turtle Cay and ours was provided by a great lady who has lived there for 33 years, Jean Lowe (Golf Cart Rentals).

The sturdy cart negotiated some pretty rough terrain around the island as it took us pretty much all over the place.  We had dinners at the Leward Yacht Club and at Bluff Harbour, and we enjoyed Coco Beach where the water is shallow a long way, but then as it deepens, you get to swim with turtles – a far better proposition than feeding the now overfed and vastly overrated swimming pigs, so popular with tourists.

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