Elbow Cay

Cap'n Jacks' elbow cay

Cap’n Jacks’ is on the main street of Hope Town and has the kind of wooden stilts dining terrace that habitual visitors to Cape Code would be perfectly well familiar with.

It serves the same type of food too and is patronised primarily by American tourists who seem to have embraced the Abacos wholeheartedly.

In fact, Hope Town, with its coastline fringed by pretty wooden villas and cottages, and sailing yacht marinas, is reminiscent of Cape Code in a multitude of ways.

Even our waiter at the Firefly later that evening spoke “American”.

The affluent tourists have brought prosperity to Elbow Cay that is missing in less-developed islands, but the price for enjoying near total civilisation is obfuscating local culture to some extent.  There are valiant efforts to keep this alive through arts and crafts, and through the local museum documenting the culture of British loyalist settlers, but it is a losing battle.

Elbow Cay is a little jewel in the Bahamian seas and every weary traveller who has had to put up with various discomforts while island-hopping, would be only too delighted to repair to it for some home creature comforts, liberally laced with exotic cocktails.

Marty tells me Elbow Cay has “dethroned” Harbour Island and is now THE trendy place where everyone is buying or hoping to buy.

I asked him if he ever gets bored on the 6 mile stretch. He says not as there is always something to do and someone to take out boating, in between building some of the most remarkable homes in the Abacos.

Marty Cash Sea Life Villa Elbow Cay

Marty Cash, Sea Life Villa


At the end of this outstanding trip, I am reminded of the true joy of travelling: meeting new people and getting a glimpse of their life stories, each extraordinary in its own way.

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