Dr Daniel Sister on hormones, stem cells and the latest in beauty enhancement

Stem cell treatment will be the big anti-ageing breakthrough in the not too distant future, however, it needs a great deal of further research.

Much controversy surrounds the subject, not least for ethical and religious reasons. On purely medical terms, put simply, it works. Just as it doesn’t matter if black is considered a bad colour – the fact is, it exists. And so with stem cell research… It’s impossible to stop the research into that area, besides it is an exciting one for researchers and scientists. If it gets banned in say, America, it would surface elsewhere – Russia, Korea, etc.

In the meantime, and until we can really use stem cell treatments, the best available anti-ageing solution is hormone balancing. Hormone deficiency is one of the reasons why we age or rather, don’t age well.

50% of women go through menopause without any problems. The other half go through the menopause with problems. Why? Because of a hormonal imbalance. Menopause in itself is not the cause of the collateral problems, such as dry skin, rashes, poor sleep quality, night sweats, etc. The problem is the decreasing levels of estrogen.

Thyroid deficiency is another pressing problem that affects a large proportion of the population, however patients are often not correctly treated.25%percent of those affected do not have the enzyme to transform one of the two thyroid hormones.

I like to use the following analogy: think of it as crude oil that has to be refined before it can be used. If you don’t transform your oil into petrol, you won’t go anywhere.

A woman after 50 has more male hormones in her body than a man of the same age. Women have male hormones and men also have estrogen. The male hormone, testosterone, decreases with

age, while the female hormone does not. If your hormones don’t function well or are not well balanced the whole body metabolism is not functioning well. If this is the case, then you age faster.

Men after a certain age have their testosterone level go down, they get fat and they age. If they are complaining of being tired and gaining weight, they are treated as being depressed. This, however, would not help them. They get caught in a vicious circle of the treatment having to be increased, yet you can increase the treatment as much as you want, if it is not the correct treatment, it would not work.

Women develop a pronounced tummy after the menopause too. The three major naturally occurring estrogens in women are estron, estradiol and estriol and these need to balance each other. Hormone deficiency can be addressed through chemical or naturally occurring hormones that are available on the market.

The human growth hormone was developed to treat the symptoms of ageing, however, it has well documented side effects. The most important thing is to have your hormone levels regularly checked after a certain age, so as to have a reference point, even if you have no symptoms. Checking your hormones at 35 or 40 would give you such a reference point and hormones can be accurately re-balanced further down the line, based on your personal profile.

We cannot yet offer stem cells treatment solutions, but we CAN address hormonal imbalance. We also have a variety of treatments for people whose hormonal balance is fine, yet they still age at an unacceptable rate.

Dr Sister has a busy practice in Notting Hill, London, and offers a range of age-prevention treatments, including his proprietary ‘DRACULA’ THERAPY, also known as S3 or Stimulated Self Serum Skin Therapy.

The treatment is designed to turn back the clock by injecting your own plasma into your face, body or scalp (if you are losing hair), restoring youthful appearance.

The idea? Using vials of blood taken from your arm, it is separated into red blood cells, clear serum and platelets. After adding vitamins and amino acids, the supercharged serum is injected into your face.

The benefits? It stimulates DNA repair, heals scars and makes dry, wrinkled and lacklustre skin feel and look younger, naturally. All this without the need for fillers, lasers or peels.