Art Futures Group launches in the UK

A new advisory service for contemporary Chinese art.

art futures group
Shen Jing Dong

With the unpredictability of the UK property market and the intangibility of historic investment opportunities such as stocks and shares, there is a resurgence in investors looking to art to address the quandary of where to spend their excess cash.

Since 2011 Art Futures Group has seen international traction and unprecedented success as Asia’s first 360° art investment service. Spearheaded by an expert team with an impressive financial and art background, Art Futures Group focuses its energy on the promotion of mid-career contemporary Chinese artists. Art Futures Group will bring its knowledge, advisory, and leasing services to the UK, giving international and European clients the opportunity to gain financial rewards through strategic art investment. Jeremy Kasler, CEO and Founder of Art Future Group, noticed an interesting gap in the market allowing his clients to soundly invest in tangible assets that accrue in value. By educating, nurturing, and directing clients to strategically invest in exceptional finds, Art Futures Group strives to bring their artists and their work greater visibility, whilst securing financial gain for the client.

Working with a roster of over 1,000 artists but concentrating their efforts on a reputable list of 44 regular artists with a proven track record of high returns for AFG customers, the service navigates the Contemporary Chinese art mid-range market (Priced at £50,000+) and guides investors to the best course of purchase per their needs, guiding at each juncture of the investment and brokering process.

With a bonded warehouse in the UK, each client will be able to physically view their prospective work in order to ensure authenticity, and approval. Once purchased, Art Futures Group has the ability to generate an instant return on your investment through their innovative leasing service. The consultancy will work with pre-identified partners with optimum showcasing facilities where the art can be rented for a minimum of two years -offering a 6% cash return per annum, providing a higher and more secure return than most banks and other investment options.

To showcase contemporary artists and their works, from the well-established to the emerging, AFG participates in diverse art exhibitions, in addition to solo artist exhibitions where the artist is able to meet the community. For details, please visit: