Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros Island

Hand-built from coral rock and pine.

small hope bay lodge island

Fresh Creek is home to Small Hope Bay Lodge, a beachfront resort hand-built in the ‘60s of coral rock and Andros pine, and decorated in Androsia Batik fabrics and local art. Palm tree-shaded cottages are located directly on the Bay with full ocean views.

Small Hope Bay Lodge offers a full program of diving, snorkelling and fishing activities. Exploring the unique and spectacular barrier reef is something of a speciality.

The resort frequently hosts ocean-front weddings that can go from the simplest barefoot ceremony to the most elaborate.

The owner, Jeff Birch, is a “true islander” in the words of a local man and has developed a social enterprise that employs a lot of local women, the Androsia batik factory.

He also trains local youngsters in scuba diving and is generally keen to promote the island and all it has to offer.

Jeff is THE estate agent de facto (acting for Coldwell Banker) on Andros.

Sadly, the (state-owned) Yacht Club and Marina hotel in Fresh Creek has suffered some hurricane damage and is now closed. Prospective buyers should approach the Bahamian government directly.

Some 20 km north is Staniard Creek, home to Kamalame Cay, a 5 star resort established in the 1990s by the Hew family.

Flamingo Cay is a small exclusive fishing and hunting resort nestled in a private secluded cove on the Westside of Andros Island, accessible by seaplane.

Small Hope Bay Lodge