The Bahamas in 23 days

National Art Gallery Bahamas

Being able to escape the European winter and spend a few weeks in the Bahamas, where perennial summer is only occasionally marred by inclement weather, is luxury for some, a way of life for others.

Whether you are staying at the ultra-exclusive Lyford Cay, or island hopping on a yacht, or airbnb-ing it, the Bahamas remain a source of unadulterated joy.

Just waking up to the bright sunshine, the bluest sea on the horizon or at your doorstep, the palms swaying in the breeze, and the Bob Marley-esque rhythms in the air are sufficient to generate a feeling of profound satisfaction with life.

The Margarittaville pace encourages leaving problems behind and getting into the groove of things.

We landed in Nassau after a direct 9 hour flight from Europe and were greeted by a live band in the passport control area. A South-African school principal on his first visit to the islands looked bemused and remarked that the same welcome should be introduced at every airport around the world.

With almost a month in the Bahamas, we had made an extensive travelling program, using Nassau as a base for the first week.

Nassau is not short of high end hotels, resorts, villas and yachts and we have, in the lifetime of our publication, visited most of them, and featured them extensively in coffee table books dedicated to travel.

On this trip we decided to revisit Orange Hill, which is neither ultra-luxurious nor aspiring to be so, but is no less of an institution than say, Lyford Cay.