UK’s best kept secret in cosmetic dentistry…

…is Dr Bruno Silva’s Brighton Implant Clinic

Given the prestigious Private Dentistry Award for the Best New Practice 2009, this is a state of the art facility, kitted out with the kind of equipment that puts to shame many a Harley Street dental practice.

Such is the success of his futuristic-chic-meetsedgy- design clinic that it won the Most Attractive Practice 2010 the following year. This has enabled Bruno Silva to open two further clinics since inception.

Dr Silva graduated from Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to London shortly after. His speciality is oral surgery with emphasis on implantology.

Says Dr Silva:

On the Clinic

Dentistry has always been my biggest passion. When my practice opened I worked with a small team of five staff members but now I have a large team of 75 employees. My large team enables me to provide the best possible dental treatment and allows the capacity to accept a large number of patients from all over the UK.

We have also installed state of the art technology during the last three years, for example the dental 3D cone beam CT scanners, which play a vital role in the accuracy and precision of dental implant placement.

Brighton Implant Clinic is among the few dental practices to have dental lab facilities. With the help of the extensive equipment and our dental technicians we can make dental prosthesis within a day. Hygiene and cleanliness are essential in our surgeries therefore we have a central sterilisation area to ensure all our dental instruments are fully sterilized to prevent cross-infection and the spread of disease.

Our laboratory recently purchased the Kavo Everest CAD cam dental unit. Only a few dental laboratories in the whole of the UK have this unit. With the help of this unit we can manufacture custom made dental prosthesis using different materials such as titanium and zirconium.

We are very proud of our patient care policy and we take extremely good care of our patients – we help them arrange accommodation and airport transfers especially when they undergo extensive dental work.

We also have an excellent after care and customer advice service available online and over the telephone. We provide all prospective clients with ample information about dental implants and assess new patients free of charge.

On having a beautiful smile

Feeling comfortable with your smile is hugely important for one’s confidence. There is no doubt that if you are not feeling well from within, it would show outwardly.

If you are self-conscious about your smile, you can do a number of things to improve the appearance of your teeth. Once you have good looking teeth you will smile more and be happier, it’s a knock on effect.

Simple treatment like tooth whitening can freshen one appearance and give your teeth their natural looking white colour; porcelain veneers may be a long lasting solution for discoloured, crooked or fractured teeth.

Single or multiple missing teeth can be replaced with implants and these provide a long-term solution, closest to natural teeth. Dental implants are a fast growing industry in dentistry.

Lastly, it’s always important to have a healthy lifestyle as this is crucial for dental health and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.