Gary Stubelick

Time Artist

I can be best described as a “time artist”, in that much of my work involves what has or can happen over given periods of time. My “Timelight Picture Studies” explore the possibilities of drawing and painting with light during a prolonged exposure. Light sources include everything from simple penlights to elaborate pyrotechnic displays including highway flares and fireworks. My work spans 30-plus years.

As a young child I was fascinated by the time exposures of tail lights from automobiles in Life Magazine and National Geographic. I began to think about the possibilities of the tail light being in one’s hand.  That became the basis for my “Timelight Picture Studies”.

Work also includes 3D stereo stills and animations, complete with original soundtracks. Images come out of the camera as they appear. I do not use digital manipulation. My work has been published worldwide and is exhibited in galleries and museums. It is also in permanent collections, both corporate and private .