Issue 13: 2014/2

Cover artist: Michael Taylor

Editor's letter

This edition of B Beyond is about ‘those who matter’ – or rather, some of them, as we have, from the very inception of the periodical, sought to focus on individuals who make the world a better, richer, more interesting place.

Individuals who make a substantial and tangible contribution to industry, philanthropy, the arts, to culture and to all things that make us human…

Most are not household names because they seldom, if ever ‘grace’ the social pages. They are certainly not part of the celebrity circus that appears to continually hypnotise a multitude of drones in a perpetual state of vicarious existence.

They do not court attention because they don’t need to.

They have and continue to achieve extraordinary feats throughout their lives and above all, they give back. They enhance our lives on different levels.

It is they, rather than mass media manufactured ‘stars’, who make the world go round. You will find a fair number of those who matter on a global scale in this edition of the magazine.

In it, we also document our annual ‘pilgrimage’ to Dakis Joannou’s art extravaganza and take in the fabulous music at the Masada Opera Festival. We profile Soly Cissé, a Senegalese artist of note.

Our regular readers will find and enjoy our regular features on global tax law (courtesy of the Sovereign Group), fine wines, travel and anti-aging.

We invite all our readers to participate in our annual BBAT (art of travel) and PHILA (philanthrometer) awards by submitting a nomination.