Samujana Villas, Koh Samui

The most luxurious, exclusive experience on the island.

Samujana Villas was conceived as a joint project between a small number of investors who are all friends and whose idea was to create a club-like resort in fabulous and famous Koh Samui.

They acquired the land and built the resort of 27 villas for private use and holiday rentals (a few of the villas are also available for sale).

As a blue chip property investment, this has worked out extremely well, so much so that the owners are developing a wellness centre on a piece of spare land on the property, which will doubtless become a destination in its own right.

The name of this place is a portmanteau, a celebration of both the island and the particular coral cove which the resort overlooks. Samujana is bounded by lush forest and pristine ocean; but the heart and soul of this place is a vision for the most luxurious, tailor-made experience that Koh Samui has to offer.

Fell’s architectural design is characterised by a candid, minimalistic aesthetic that emphasises a shared, organic experience. Bright, open-plan communal spaces are the heart and soul of each villa, and the deconstructed exteriors seamlessly harmonise with the natural landscape.

All of the villas are equipped with the abundance of amenities, furnishings and leisure facilities one would expect from a luxury property in the 21st century. A select few, however, offer something special, with larger floor spaces and even more accommodations. Private Jaccuzis, gyms and wellness spaces, cinemas, games rooms, and more: these villas offer an entire lifestyle with friends and family.

Every home is either privately owned or available for purchase. Samujana itself manages the estate – its operations, rentals and marketing – and is overseen by an elected owners’ committee. Preserving the estate’s unique, community spirit is evidently paramount: both structural and superficial modifications require approval from both the owners’ committee and Fell.

Underpinning the whole way of life at Samujana is a continuous and adaptive approach to hospitality. Villas are serviced and managed by a dedicated team, as a matter of course, and the resort can also provide a wide range of personalised services to suit one’s needs and wants.

An important consideration – especially for investors – is that, despite the exclusive and intimate ethos, Samujana is not too far removed from the outside world. Koh Samui’s attractions – cultural, commercial and natural – are all within a short drive or boat trip. Further afield, the nearby airport makes this a convenient, leisurely base from which to explore either the archipelago or even neighbouring countries.

Staying at Samujana Villas – whether as an owner or renter, short-term or long – is to be invited into that dream among friends of a Koh Samui life. Beyond the usual markers of excellence – the food, the pampering, the dedicated hospitality – Samujana suggests that the truly luxurious experience is one that is fully shared and celebrated with others.

There are currently 10 villas for sale, with prices ranging from $1m to $4.5m. Samujana are also looking to raise $30m for the development of a wellness centre and associated villas, around half ($15m) to be funded through equity.