Issue 1

Issue 1 (Spring 2010) of B Beyond Magazine. From the Editor’s Letter:

“People of means take luxury for granted and often disdain it. The quality of the experience is all to the extent where even basic comfort becomes secondary. In the name of exceptional experiences and in the pursuit of the undiscovered, people who can afford anything, often endure deprivations that most holiday takers would balk at.

Brands are not a badge of having arrived and people who are socially and financially secure don’t need the validation of expensive labels. Intense curiosity about new technology and constantly keeping a step ahead, appreciation of at, and philanthropic pursuits are just some of the things that define today’s successful individuals.

Individuality, uniqueness, a sense of discovery – of being the first to experience a place or anything at all – and above all, that elusive, yet timeless concept: quality.

B Beyond is about exceptional individuals and how they shape the world we live in. We have interviewed a number of them for the Spring issue and hope you enjoy the conversational style of these personal features.”

The print edition can be ordered here.