Issue 10

Issue 10 (Summer 2013) of B Beyond Magazine. From the Editor’s Letter:

Just watching the world change is at times exhausting…and boy, has it been changing.

We monitored the Cyprus drama with bated breath and its wider significance was not lost on us. Most people would take the view that the plight of a tiny island in the Mediterranean and its supposedly dodgy Rusian deposit holders can be shrugged off.

We feel its symptomatic of the new order of things, namely governments scrambling to replenish their depleted coffers by any means available to them. Witch hunting, demonising and turfing out people and companies at each end of the scale, respectively ‘benefits scroungers’ and ‘tax dodgers’, has become stock in trade for political publicity machines everywhere. The Cyprus debacle was particularly brutal in that it targeted all savers indiscriminately and proved, once and for all, that nothing is safe or sacred in our modern, post-economic crisis world.

On a brighter note, our art and travel editors have been busy revisiting some of the most beautiful places in Europe, from the Swiss Alps to the Italian and French Riviera, all the way down to the Spanish border.

We will then repair to our new favourite place, the South-West of France, where the summers are long, dry and languid and where everything is right with the world – well, almost.

The print edition can be ordered here (temporarily unavailable).