Issue 11

Issue 11 (Winter 2013) of B Beyond Magazine. From the Editor’s Letter:

One of the most frequent questions I am asked it: will the printed word survive the digital age. To me, the more important question is: Will good journalism, and good writing in general, survive the blogging age of self-styled pundits and self-published authors?

At a time when too many publishers chase after shrinking profits and produce little more than catalogues of glossy ads with a few insipid editorial features thrown in, we have to hope that Jeff Bezos, John Henry and those who come after them will save journalism and news reporting in spite of our best efforts to obliterate intelligent thinking.

B Beyond does not, of course, report news – it is a periodical that has just a handful of editions per year – and so we tend to focus on individuals who have made (and continue to make) a contribution to culture or to humanity, or both.

We also feature travel and art photography, and all things that we believe our readers would find interesting and inspiring.

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