Issue 15

Issue 15 (Spring 2015) of B Beyond Magazine. From the Editor’s Letter:

This edition of B Beyond has no fewer than two new tech investors featured in it – in addition, of course, to our regular conversations with major philanthropists and collectors.

As I started the editor’s letter, I found myself pondering the incredible and wonderful advances that have transformed our world beyond the wildest of¬†imaginations. And yet…

The economic crisis has turned entire nations into welfare states, while the world’s 1% are getting wealthier and wealthier.

The dismantling of the very concept of welfare in Europe is taking place, in fact, with the tacit blessing of middle class voters.

The ‘let them eat cake’ attitude is prevalent, except the poor will soon be unable to even bite on the crust they are let with as access to dental care will be scarcer. Good health, prevention and longevity will be the new frontier between rich and poor.

The ability to purchase and appreciate beauty in all its forms, to enjoy art, to travel and engage in meaningful leisure time and activities will similarly become the exclusive domain of the ‘haves’, to the increased exclusion of the ‘have not’s’.

The internet, for all its life-transforming usefulness, can also serve the function of dumbing down both intellectual capacity and good taste on an unprecedented scale.

All is not gloom and doom, however. The 1% do have the power and willingness – nay, passion for transforming the world into a better place. It is our hope they reinvent themselves as standard bears for the next generation in the context of keeping beauty and creativity alive by nurturing and sponsoring them.

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