Issue 2

Issue 2 (Summer 2010) of B Beyond Magazine. From the Editor’s Letter:

The European summer  is synonymous with a number of “exclusive, elite and invitation only” events.

A few of the yearly charity balls command ticket prices that would elicit an indignant, “Do you think I am a Rockefeller?!” from my grand-mother who was in her time a great, yet quiet, giver to orphanages. Committee member lists read like a Who’s Who of the great and the good. The cause is often lost in the small print but the motivation is irrelevant – or so benefiting charities would argue.

The merry-go-round of summer events is not just confined to charitable pursuits, of course. The rich and famous – and those aspiring to be famous – flash their cash from Cannes and Moncao to Portofino and Sardinia.

The truly wealthy and the truly philanthropic are, of course – in Great Gatsby fashion – seldom seen at flash events covered by Hello magazine or its various imitators. In this issue of the magazine, we ask a number of be beyond individuals where and how they relax and what their favourite social events are.

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