Issue 6

Issue¬†6 (Spring 2012) of B Beyond Magazine. From the Editor’s Letter:

In this edition of B Beyond magazine, we would like to celebrate the irrepressible optimism of youth, the beauty of nature, rebirth, and the hope that springs eternal from that which makes us human and is often defined as ‘soul’.

Science is making huge strides towards not only prolonging life, but also improving its quality. Stem cell research is making bold strides towards a paradigm shift in medicine.

New, greener technologies and sustainable/alternative architectures are becoming mainstream rather than the preserve of a few radical dreamers. Conservation is big, with some passionate advocates of it trailblazing across Africa, empowering communities, setting up commodity exchanges, and dramatically changing lifestyles and perceptions.

Finally, never before has philanthropy loomed so large on the social landscape as in this relatively new century.

Why are people who have worked for their money so determined to give a large proportion of it away in their lifetime and beyond? The answer is quite simple, really – giving back is the greatest privilege of all.

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