Issue 8

Issue 8 (Autumn 2012) of B Beyond Magazine. From the Editor’s Letter:

This edition is dedicated to travel and sustainability, both major regular B Beyond Magazine themes. Our special guest interviewees are Her Majesty the Queen Mother of Bhutan, a royal champion of sustainability and Mark Shand, a conservationist of considerable pedigree.

Our travel team made, once again, the traditional summer trip from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean as we mused on the disparity in lifestyle on the old continent, common currency and EEC membership not withstanding. This disparity between North and South could, in fact, be defined by people’s relatioships with their screen.

The North lives in a perpetual state of digital semi-isolation, consuming news, reviews and general information, engaging in romantic relationships and conducting business almost exclusively via computer, iPad or mobile device. The South, on the other hand, lives the summer outdoors. Whether you are in an ultra-polished yacht haven or in a small Provencal town, digital devices play just a basic functional role.

Lovers woo one another in real time. Drinkers indulge socially. Diners frequent restaurants for the food and are busy enjoying it rather than tweeting about it.

This editor spent two entire weeks computer-less this summer. The brand new Toshiba Ultrabook that I had taken on my trip broke down on the second day.

I was free to live again. Until the next editor’s letter, at least.

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