Tiamo Eco-Resort, South Andros

A classic “get away from it all” vacation.

tiamo eco resort beach

Tiamo is on South Andros and accessible only by boat or seaplane.

It has only 11 villas, including the ultra-luxury 3 bedrooms Bird’s Nest, and an abundance of pristine private beaches with the clearest turquoise waters, fringed by green palm groves.

It is the classic “get away from it all” vacation spot with an added bonus: it is the Bahamas’ premier eco-resort.

Tiamo has been designed to blend into the island’s spectacular nature, combining luxury with environmental credentials. The villas, screened from each other by generous tropical plants and trees, are built in traditional Caribbean style from sustainable pine wood and elevated on stilts to benefit from natural cooling and ventilation. Thatched roofs help insulate the buildings and keep temperatures constantly cool and pleasant.

The kitchen uses only organic and primarily locally sourced ingredients which makes dining at Tiamo a fabulous experience. The sophisticated, natural approach that defines the resort’s environmental program is applied to food preparation also.

The Michelin-trained chef has crafted a menu of some superb examples of Caribbean and fusion cuisine, made using the freshest ingredients, and complemented by an excellent selection of wines from some of the world’s best vineyards.

Although the resort is conducive to relaxing and enjoying the “just being there” feeling, its privileged position is perfect for indulging in any and all water sport activities.

From water skiing, wakeboarding and snorkeling, to canoeing and diving, the sporting enthusiast is spoilt for choice. As with everywhere else on Andros, the big attraction, however, is diving. The spectacular reef awaits just offshore, while the calm, colorful shallows are a paradise for snorkeling, doing paddleboard or riding a transparent canoe.

Andros offers classic sailing experiences and access to world class fishing, while the interior of southern part of the island is a haven for exploring one of area’s most pristine tropical wilderness reserves.

Save the Environment is not just a slogan at Tiamo – it is a philosophy by which the resort is run as well as a constant endeavor to improve its own sustainability record.

‘Living on the 3rd biggest coral reef of the world is a big responsibility and we consider it essential to help the local community preserve this natural treasure. At Tiamo, we try to have minimal or no impact on the area.’

Tiamo Eco Resort