Txai Itacare – Brazil’s best resort?

If you can imagine what paradise looks like….then this is it

IF YOU CAN IMAGINE what paradise looks like….then this is it.

Txai Itacare is located an hour from Ilheus, one of the most important tourism centres in northeast Brazil. The cobbled streets fringing the airport give an immediate sense of adventure – that this is the ‘real’ Brazil – yet belie the vivacity of the city and its nature: a gateway to tropical paradise.

Imagine an endless stretch of beach, fringed with glorious coconut trees and not a soul in sight….this is Txai. Yet the resort is so much much more than that. It is an invitation to explore the unknown.

The airport transfer takes an hour of driving through small villages and encroaching jungle, until you reach an unassuming turn off in the road. The entrance itself is somewhat sedate and unaffected, but the length of the driveway and its carefully landscaped surrounds hint at the serious thought and attention that has been put into this resort.

The lobby is its the focal point. Built in an old, lofty Portuguese style, doors and windows open to the outside world in an easygoing balance. The interior is as chic as any villa in the Bahamas: plumped up, whiter than white sofas are dotted around, varied yet curated ornaments and decoration, and sculptural elements – from the chairs to a magnificent single-wood table – make the lobby a natural, vibrant gathering spot.

Spacious bungalows dot the surrounding hills and beachfront, in a careful interplay of both development and the natural world. These are effortlessly romantic, doubtless because of the centrepiece, moqsquito-net draped bed at the heart of each. Here the decor is minimal – the eye is drawn instead to the multitude of exotic birds and occasional monkey. An inside-outside concept is fully embraced here, featuring outdoor showers and outside relaxation areas.

There are also 15 villas nestled on the side of the resort, for those who fell in love with the resort and wanted a permanent presence. Each villa is unique in style, ranging from wide-space, modern-inspired architecture to more traditional structures, unified by their sheer luxuriousness. Personalised by their current owners, each is available to rent as part of the Txai resort.

The cuisine is primarily Bahian with a smattering of European inspiration, such as the locally-sourced burrata with tomatoes. We loved the veloute soups that mixed local vegetables and the selection of fresh fish dishes on offer. The setting is a restaurant area with straw-woven lights, providing a warm and intimate ambience.

We only wish we had more capacity to enjoy the chefs’ numerous creations. The breakfast is variously lovely with its endless miniature cakes to sample, as well as a range of egg-style dishes and (even) avocado toast. Special mention must also go to the beach lunch and snacks: from DIY fresh and spicy fish tacos, to churrascaria-style sandwiches, to more traditional and local style bites. Washed down with a cold and freshly opened coconut, this was the kind of moment one savours for its simple, yet precious pleasure.

The Shamash spa boasts a hilltop heated pool offering unadulterated views of a tropical jungle and the majestic Atlantic coast. There is the usual complement of options for the wellness-minded: a lotus room for all of your yoga endeavours, a lavender room for relaxation rituals, and dedicated treatment rooms for massage therapies and other courses.

There are many beautiful places in this world but if you are hankering after a unique spot, Txai is the place to come.